eng: also

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etymologyenm: also
lexical categoryadverb
semantically relatedeng: along with
semantically relatedeng: and
semantically relatedeng: as well as
semantically relatedeng: farther
semantically relatedeng: further
semantically relatedeng: furthermore
semantically relatedeng: in addition to
semantically relatedeng: mairatour
semantically relatedeng: more
semantically relatedeng: moreover
semantically relatedeng: no less
semantically relatedeng: on top of that
semantically relatedeng: ower
semantically relatedeng: same to you
semantically relatedeng: together with
semantically relatedeng: too
semantically relatedeng: what is more
synonymeng: additionally
synonymeng: as well
synonymeng: too
translationara: أيضا
translationara: أيضًا
translationara: كذلك
translationbar: aa
translationbel: таксама
translationbre: ivez
translationbul: също така
translationbul: също
translationces: také
translationcmn: 以及
translationdeu: außerdem
translationdeu: auch
translationdeu: ebenfalls
translationdeu: ebenso
translationdeu: ferner
translationdeu: weiterhin
translationepo: ankaŭ
translationest: ühtlasi
translationest: ka
translationest: samuti
translationext: tamién
translationfas: نیز
translationfas: هم
translationfas: همچنین
translationfil: din
translationfil: rin
translationfin: -kin
translationfin: myös
translationfra: également
translationfra: aussi
translationfry: ek
translationgla: cuideachd
translationgla: mar an ceudna
translationgle: freisin
translationheb: גם
translationhin: भी
translationhun: is
translationhun: szintén
translationhun: ugyancsak
translationhye: նաև
translationhye: նույնպես
translationido: anke
translationina: anque
translationind: juga
translationisl: einnig
translationisl: líka
translationita: anche
translationjpn: さらに
translationjpn: にも
translationjpn: また
translationkor: 또한
translationkor: 역시
translationlat: quoque
translationlit: taip pat
translationmlt: anke
translationmlt: ukoll
translationnav: áłdóʼ
translationnld: eveneens
translationnld: ook
translationnld: tevens
translationpol: również
translationpol: także
translationpol: też
translationpor: também
translationron: şi
translationrus: также
translationrus: тоже
translationslk: aj
translationslv: tudi
translationspa: también
translationswe: även
translationswe: också
translationtgl: din
translationtgl: rin
translationtha: ด้วย
translationtwf: hóbo
translationukr: так само
translationukr: також
translationukr: теж
translationvie: cũng
translationyid: אויך


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