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etymological origin ofeng: instanciate
etymological origin ofeng: noninstance
etymologically relatedeng: instancy
etymologically relatedeng: instant
etymologically relatedeng: instantaneous
etymologically relatedeng: instantial
etymologically relatedeng: instantiate
etymologically relatedeng: instantiation
etymologically relatedeng: instantly
etymologyenm: instance
has derived formeng: at the instance of
has derived formeng: for instance
has derived formeng: in the first instance
has derived formeng: in this instance
has derived formeng: instanced
has derived formeng: instances
has derived formeng: instancing
lexical categorynoun
lexical categoryverb
semantically relatedeng: example
semantically relatedeng: illustration
semantically relatedeng: measure of location
semantically relatedeng: representative
semantically relatedeng: try
synonymeng: case in point
translationces: instance
translationdeu: Instanz
translationeng: proof
translationest: juhtum
translationest: näide
translationfin: instanssi
translationfin: tapaus
translationnld: voorbeeld
translationnld: voorval
translationpol: okazja
translationpol: zdarzenie
translationpor: exemplo
translationpor: instância
translationpor: ocasião
translationpor: ocorrência
translationspa: instancia


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