eng: late

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antonymeng: early
antonymeng: in time
antonymeng: untimely
etymological origin ofeng: lateish
etymologyang: late
etymologyenm: late
has derived formeng: a day late and a dollar short
has derived formeng: as of late
has derived formeng: better late than never
has derived formeng: day late, dollar short
has derived formeng: late night
has derived formeng: latecomer
has derived formeng: lately
has derived formeng: later
has derived formeng: sooner or later
lexical categoryadjective
lexical categoryadverb
semantically relatedeng: absent
semantically relatedeng: away
semantically relatedeng: dead
semantically relatedeng: deceased
semantically relatedeng: defunct
semantically relatedeng: departed
semantically relatedeng: extinguished
semantically relatedeng: extraordinary
semantically relatedeng: flawless
semantically relatedeng: lifeless
semantically relatedeng: perfect
semantically relatedeng: ratshit
semantically relatedeng: stupid
semantically relatedeng: uninhabited
semantically relatedeng: vapid
semantically relatedeng: w:Mary Shelley
synonymeng: belated
synonymeng: deceased
synonymeng: previous
synonymeng: rest his soul
synonymeng: sainted
translationafr: laat
translationafr: oorlede
translationara: متأخر
translationase: OpenB@NearSideTrunkhigh-PalmBack Nod
translationbul: късно
translationcat: tard
translationces: pozdě
translationces: pozdní
translationdan: sen
translationdeu: spät
translationdeu: verspätet
translationdsb: pózdźe
translationeng: deceased
translationepo: malfrue
translationeus: berandu
translationfin: edesmennyt
translationfin: myöhä
translationfin: myöhään
translationfin: myöhäinen
translationfin: myöhäis
translationfin: myöhässä
translationfra: défunt
translationfra: en retard
translationfra: tard
translationgla: nach maireann
translationhrv: kasno
translationhrv: pozno
translationhun: késő
translationhun: késői
translationhun: későn
translationhun: kései
translationhun: néhai
translationhye: ուշ
translationido: tarda
translationisl: heitinn
translationisl: seinn
translationisl: seint
translationita: in ritardo
translationita: tardi
translationjpn: 遅い
translationkor: 늦다
translationkor: 지각하다
translationkur: derneg
translationkur: gîro
translationkur: texîr
translationlit: vėlus
translationlit: velionis
translationnld: laat
translationnld: late
translationnld: wijlen
translationnon: síðla
translationpol: świętej pamięci
translationpol: późno
translationpol: późny
translationpol: spóźniony
translationpol: zmarły
translationpor: último
translationpor: atrasado
translationpor: tarde
translationron: târziu
translationrus: запоздалый
translationrus: поздний
translationrus: поздно
translationrus: покойный
translationslv: pozen
translationslv: pozna
translationslv: pozno
translationspa: atrasado
translationspa: tarde
translationswe: sen
translationswe: sent
translationtel: ఆలస్యంగా
translationtur: geç


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