eng: ready

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antonymeng: cold
etymological origin ofeng: readiness
etymologically relatedeng: already
etymologyenm: redy
has derived formeng: at the ready
has derived formeng: cable ready
has derived formeng: camera-ready
has derived formeng: make-ready
has derived formeng: on the ready
has derived formeng: oven-ready
has derived formeng: readier
has derived formeng: readies
has derived formeng: readiest
has derived formeng: readiness
has derived formeng: ready money
has derived formeng: ready or not
has derived formeng: ready reckoner
has derived formeng: ready room
has derived formeng: ready to hand
has derived formeng: ready, aim, fire!
has derived formeng: ready, set, go!
has derived formeng: ready, steady, go
has derived formeng: ready, willing, and able
has derived formeng: ready-made
has derived formeng: ready-to-wear
has derived formeng: readying
has derived formeng: rough and ready
lexical categoryadjective
lexical categoryverb
semantically relatedeng: blameless
semantically relatedeng: complete
semantically relatedeng: devout
semantically relatedeng: fashionable
semantically relatedeng: irrefutable
semantically relatedeng: metronomic
semantically relatedeng: obligated
semantically relatedeng: thorough
semantically relatedeng: unassailable
semantically relatedeng: unquestionable
synonymeng: apt
synonymeng: good to go
synonymeng: set up
translationara: جاهز
translationara: جَهّزَ
translationara: حاضر
translationara: مستعد
translationcat: llest
translationces: hotový
translationces: připravený
translationcym: parod
translationdeu: bereit
translationdeu: fertig
translationdeu: gar
translationeng: inclined
translationepo: preta
translationfin: altis
translationfin: taipuvainen
translationfin: valmis
translationfra: prêt
translationfra: prête
translationgle: réidh
translationgle: ullamh
translationheb: מוכן
translationhin: तैयार
translationhrv: gotov
translationhun: kész
translationhye: պատրաստ
translationita: preparato
translationita: pronta
translationita: pronto
translationjpn: 出来上がり
translationjpn: 準備の出来た
translationjpn: 用意の出来た
translationkor: 준비된
translationkur: ئاماده‌
translationlat: preparata
translationlat: preparatum
translationlat: preparatus
translationnld: gereed
translationnld: klaar
translationnob: klar
translationpol: gotów
translationpol: gotowa
translationpol: gotowe
translationpol: gotowi
translationpol: gotowy
translationpor: preparado
translationpor: pronto
translationron: gata
translationrus: готовый
translationsco: boun
translationspa: dispuesto
translationspa: lista
translationspa: listo
translationspa: preparado
translationsqi: gati
translationsrp: spreman
translationsrp: spremna
translationsrp: spremno
translationswe: beredd
translationswe: färdig
translationtel: తయారు
translationtel: సిద్ధం
translationtur: hazır
translationurd: تیار
translationzho: 准備
translationzho: 准备
translationzsm: sedia


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